QingGear Keyring Bit Screwdriver, 2pcs/lot
Item Number: E0091
Price: USD$4.90    ( Free shipping via China/HongKong Post Air Mail, More Detail )


Material: Stainless Steel


Diameter:6mm center

Net weight:3g (not include keyring), 8g(include keyring)

QingGear Keyring Bit Screwdriver,bit shape, feature a #2 cross head (most common size) & 6mm flat head. As compact a tool as they come, it is the perfect addition to your EDC. You never know when you need a screwdriver,it makes a versatile addition to your keyring that will be virtually unnoticeable in your pocket.It comes with a 35mm stainless steel keyring, you could add it to your existing keyring or simply add your keys.

Great for fastening/loosening:
Common screw heads
Tripod mounts
Door hinges
Basically just about any standard + or – screw that needs some help.

Other great uses:
Opening packages/boxes
Mini pry bar
Bottle opener (twist & pry to open bottle caps)