Bali-Comb Twister Mtech Extreme Solid Stainless Steel Balisong Butterfly Comb
Item Number: F0332
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This butterfly features a plain 440C stainless steel comb and 440c stainless steel handles. Overall, the quality and construction on this one is awesome. One of the things that make this knife so outstanding is how customizable it is. If you don’t like the latches on the right side you can switch it over to the left. The knife is constructed with Torx screws so any owner can easily adjust the knife. Since the knife can be easily disassembled cleaning it is a breeze. Another feature worth noting is the Twist uses two tang pins instead of one (these are the pins that stop the handles from pivoting). This means that the handles won’t hit each other, lock-up is tighter and blade wear is reduced.
Full Length:  21.5 CM
Blade Length:  9.5 CM
Blade Thickness:  2.5 MM
Hardness:  57 HRC
Weight:  150 G
Blade Material:  440C
Handle Material:  Steel