Removable China Army Black Bayonet - Plain Edge
Item Number: F0607
Price: USD$52.45    ( Free shipping via China/HongKong Post Air Mail, More Detail )

M9 - D80 eye teeth knife produced by China North Industries Corporation, This craft knife completely generic and improved in accordance with the United States PHROBIS (Philo Biscay) BUCK (Buck) prototype can be assembled in the United States the AR15 (M16), G3, Belgium, Germany FNC and other NATO models of automatic rifles as bayonets. -Standard M9 knife stab, cut, cut, cut, split all OK 

-Matched the blade and scabbard can cut 4mm diameter steel. 

-Knife blade serrated can sawing wood, steel, etc. 

-The steel scabbard card raised can tighten screws. 

-The tip of high strength, easy to open tin cans. 

-The gauntlets‘s Kai bottles groove can easily open beer bottle. 

-Scabbard is equipped with emergency grindstone 

-Removable Structure,can use on the M16 rifle.

Full Length:  32.5 CM
Blade Length:  19.8 CM
Blade Thickness:  6 MM
Hardness:  58 HRC
Weight:  810 G
Blade Material:  8Cr13
Handle Material:  ABS